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Select high-quality tobacco leaves, highlighting the characteristics of low tar and mellow aroma. The scent of a very rare and mysterious tropical plant originating from the Amazon basin is selected to make the scent of the conditioned cigarette more easily accepted by consumer groups. The small cycle is full of satisfaction, and the smoke is fine and mellow. The big cycle fragrance is delicate, pure, fresh, elegant and soft. The aftertaste is clean and has a slight tea fragrance. The cigarette packaging is mainly white in color, and the front and back patterns are the same. Both are composed of brand name and brand logo. The composition is simple, concise, clean and clear. The packaging pattern design of this cigarette is basically the same as that of the old cigarettes, but the color design is white, which is more novel and beautiful. The whole packaging looks simple and elegant. It goes south, into India, and into the hometown of Somali pirates. In that dynasty, navigators with such teeth and teeth, such as Magellan and Columbus, have not yet been born. Zheng He's voyage to the West opened up the sea route between the East and the West, which is in line with the current "One Belt, One Road" strategy. This time, the bottom is used to open the package Wholesale Cigarettes, and the box is opened Marlboro Red. The golden tin foil with the stamped number is brought into the eye Marlboro Gold. The cigarettes are arranged in 767. Take out the cigarettes. The beige filter has the same pattern as the cigarette box, which is a reduced version of the world map. There is a trademark above the blue hoop, a fluted corrugated cigarette holder, and white vertical-stripe cigarette paper; the tobacco is filled tightly, and it is elastic when you hold it by hand. The cut is neat and smooth, but there are also a lot of debris falling together; the tobacco color is golden Moist, occasionally brown shredded tobacco appears, indicating that the fermentation time of tobacco leaves is long enough. The cigarette is 84mm long and the filter is 33mm long, which is a normal length.
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