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Comparison of small box label paper printing process and draw line difference: the three characters of genuine cigarette label paper adopt laser anodized aluminum hot stamping process, and the font edge is gold-rimmed, which complements other patterns. The draw line has "Changbai Mountain" and LOGO Pattern words; fake cigarettes imitation printing process is rough, and the drawstring line has no words and patterns, which are obviously different from the real ones Cigarettes Online. Comparison of the difference of anti-counterfeiting marks on the side of the small box: the side of the genuine small box adopts a positioning holographic laser anti-counterfeiting mark, and its anti-counterfeiting pattern presents a 3D stereoscopic image projection effect; the effect of fake cigarette imitation is poor, and the effect of the pattern and letters is blurred. The sense of hierarchy is obviously different from the characteristics of the genuine anti-counterfeiting mark Newport Cigarettes. Comparison of the difference in the glueing process of the box seal: the authentic small box seal is glued by the machine, and the glue marks are regular; the fake cigarettes are glued by hand, and there are no rules for the glue marks, which is obviously different from the real product. Comparison of differences between tobacco and cut tobacco: genuine cigarettes with extended filter rods are used to reduce scorch and harm, and the ratio of tobacco cuts and the width of cut are uniform. The fake tobacco filter rods are only 19mm, which cannot achieve harm reduction and scorch reduction. There are many ends, which are obviously different from the appearance characteristics of genuine shredded tobacco Newport 100S.
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