#1 Eric Bieniemy: Kareem Hunt is “running his ass o von panxing18 23.09.2019 07:48

ff” Kareem Hunt’s stats through two games2017: 30 rushing attempts for 229 rushing yards (7.6 y/a) Anthony Hitchens Jersey , three rushing touchdowns, eight receptions, 126 receiving yards, two receiving touchdowns2018: 34 rushing attempts for 124 rushing yards (3.6 y/a), no rushing touchdowns, one reception, five receiving yards Chad Henne Jersey , one receiving touchdownOne thing that came off a little strange to me this offseason was how little respect the national media was giving to Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt.Hunt finished 2017 as the league’s rushing champion with 1,327 yards, but analysts/ex-players like Maurice Jones-Drew, for example, wouldn’t list him among the top five backs in the league. Jones-Drew ranked Hunt eighth heading into 2018.Jones-Drew has look more right than wrong through two games this season, but Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy thinks we should be looking deeper than the numbers.“Kareem had a big start for us last season, and that was huge Kendall Fuller Jersey ,” Bieniemy said in a press conference on Thursday. “I know the numbers do not show—Kareem is probably playing better football than what he played last year because he understands exactly what we expect from him. He’s done a great job of learning our system, and normally, players have a tendency to pick it up a little bit better in their second season. He’s running his ass off. He’s playing hard; he’s playing fast. So, I know the numbers are not there, but the effort, the energy and the detail is better than what it was at any time at this point last season.”Biemiemy specifically highlighted Hunt’s retention of the offensive system in his “sophomore” season.“In this offense, we do a lot Eric Murray Jersey , and we throw a lot at our rookies,” Bienimey added. “We’re asking them to know it as if they’ve been a nine or 10-year vet in this system. And we threw everything at him. Did he make a few mistakes? Yes. Did we make a big deal of it? No. We didn't care, because the only thing we want our guys to go out and do is have the confidence to go play fast. If you’re playing fast, you know what? It’s going to take care of itself. He’s not making the little mistakes that he made early in the season. So, one thing I’m looking at is, ‘How is he finishing? Does he have the proper read? Does he have the proper footwork?’ “He’s doing all the little things that we’re asking him to do, and if he continues Terrance Smith Jersey , it’s going to take care of itself. The numbers will come.”In their first two games, the San Francisco 49ers have allowed 116 (Vikings) and 98 (Lions) rushing yards, and they get linebacker Reuben Foster back from suspension this week.It will be another challenge for Hunt, but regardless, Bieniemy believes the production is coming. Washington quarterback Alex Smith‘s contract guarantees him $15 million this season even though he won’t be playing. But he’s still working.Coach Jay Gruden told reporters on Sunday that Smith has attended every quarterback meeting during training camp.“I think he’s just a calming influence for them,” Gruden said of Smith. “He’s very supportive for each individual guy, he’ll get on them when he needs to get on them a little bit Xavier Williams Jersey , in a fun-loving kind of way but he’s just a great presence to have in the quarterback room and we obviously welcome it whenever he wants to come in here.”Smith was praised for his work in 2017 with then-rookie Patrick Mahomes, even though Smith was helping Mahomes take Smith’s job. He can make similar contributions to Washington’s quarterbacks, especially rookie Dwayne Haskins. Even if Haskins’ progress ensures that Smith will never play for Washington again.

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