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Just entering the scenic area of ??Huangguoshu, a stream of " sounds from the distance. Huangguoshu Waterfall! We immediately realized it. The famous Huangguoshu Waterfall, which is scattered in a valley surrounded by mountains, is the first scenic spot in Guizhou, the largest waterfall in China and one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. We walked towards the waterfall with curiosity and excitement.gh the cracks in the tree, I saw a waterfall hanging from the rock wall, as if a wide white leather was falling from the loom. The sound of the " water became the "big ensemble" of thousands of looms.e water splashing from the waterfall rises like a rain and fog, flying in the wind, hundreds of meters, falling on the right side of the waterfall in the Huangguoshu town, forming a spectacular view of "Silver Rain Sprinkling Gold Street".ough the Huangguoshu Waterfall is not as long as the Lushan Waterfall Cheap Carton Of Newport 100S, it is far wider than it, so it looks extraordinary and majestic. Its momentum is like a galloping horse Cigarettes Online Usa Only, surging. The waterfall is only written down from the rock wall, such as thunder and roar, and the mountain back to the valley should.alked down the stone steps from the west and went to the bottom of the valley. The water splashing from the waterfall into the bottom of the valley spilled directly onto our faces and arms, and it was very cool and comfortable. We sat for a long time, letting this cute elf pounce on our cheeks and wet our clothes. Leaving the pool, we followed the stone path to a platform by the stream. In the shadow of the green trees, there is a statue of Xu Xiake, who is concentrating on the waterfall in the distance. This made me think of a poem that was very magnificent. This morning, our class launched a heated debate to discuss whether it is beneficial to open the book. The whole class was divided into two teams, Party A and Party B. When the teacher announced that "the debate began," the students begany A: The opening of the book will be beneficial. The book is "the longevity of human civilization." No one of the famous writers in the world does not like to read books. Du Fu said that "there is a lot of reading and writing, and there is a god." The book is human wisdom. Crystallization is a summary of human history and experience. It is a reflection of social life. Since ancient times, people want to be talented, and they want to study the world. They must read books. Only by reading books can they become talented.y B: We said that opening a book may not be beneficial. It is not a book that cannot be ignored. However, you have to read all the books, and you have to choose a book. Do you even have to look at bad books? Some of the bad novels and martial arts books Lights Cigarette, such as "A Hu", "Dongdou Xiaozhuan", some students like to imitate, so imitate those people and things in bad books Newport Short Carton, and some even go to the road ofty B: But some people just like to take it as a class and can't extricate themselves.y A: That is a human problem. Let me make an analogy. One person is holding a knife to kill another person. You will not go to blame the knife. It is a person who is holding a knife. The knife will not move Cheap Newport 100S Cigarettes.

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