Golden Goose Bachelorette

Golden Goose Bachelorette

11.03.2020 13:46

Golden Goose Bachelorette newgoosera

We skimmed the shoe department for the season's best styles. Thankfully on the runways of Prada, Bottega Veneta, and others, designers prioritized functional footwear and didn't sacrifice style.

I think we're not finished with sport. Over 2,000 pieces of art were considered before the streetwear brand decided on four paintings that fit the Vans aesthetic best.

Eucalyptus trees are sourced for the shoe's upper, and the sock liner is odour-resistant thanks to Bloom algae foam. However, with the sea of styles and colours on the shelves, it can get overwhelming for us everyday girls.

I've been allotted a scant ten minutes to speak with Fergie while she's in Toronto promoting her two footwear lines, Fergalicious by Fergie and Fergie Footwear (both available at Hudson's Bay), but within seconds I'm totally bowled over by her personability, her perfectly applied tequila sunrise-coloured eyeshadow, and yes, the fact that she Googled Golden Goose me.

The reasoning behind taking a Midol an hour before wearing heels comes from Jillian Harris of season five of The Bachelorette, who told Glamour: If my face was puffy, it would de-bloat me, and it has a painkiller so it made my feet feel better in heels.

But the most talked about platform-ridiculously high and colourful-was by Mary Katrantzou. Now I rarely wear high heels even when I go out, opting instead for a fun pair of sneakers.

The CBC's Nil Koksil, the Toronto Star's Shinan Govani and Soho House's Markus Anderson, who is part of Meghan and Harry's inner circle, cheered on the steamy performance, before the dance floor was filled again with non-stop action.

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